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eBay Hello,I'm offering my entire original RSI Star citizen account with all the content as you can see on the pictures. I do not represent RSI, CIG or affiliates. I am the owner of this game package. And I'm selling it because I'm in need of money.I have the RSI account and been the only owner since 2016.If you new to the Star Citizen family, I can help you to transfer the account to you, I know how it works so I can guide you through with smooth and legal transfer. Once purchase is made, I will email you the information to login to the RSI Website, Username,Handle,Community Monikers,password (you can change all that to your own after the transaction) and you will be able contact me on my private email or text me on my private phone if you have any question on Profile setting, Security or other Settings or if there will be something you will not know or need help with, as long as it will be necessary for you.BEI FRAGEN AUCH AUF DEUTSCH VERFÜGBAR Wie man den Startpreis entnehmen kann würde ich gerne meinen Account für 250 Euro verkaufen, da ich einiges an Zeit und Mühe reingesteckt habe.What is included:Original upgraded game package + Squadron 42 + Account store credit $65.00USD (48.50GBP)Ships:F7C-S Hornet Ghost (6.monhts Insurance) Freelancer DUR (48 months Insurance) Drake Buccaneer (48 months insurance) Origin 85X-LTI (Lifetime insurance) Constellation Aquila with URSA Rover onboard (48 months insurance) Origin 300I-Touring (48 months insurance) Hangar Level:Aeroview Hangar VFG Industrial Hangar Selfland Hangar Revel & York HangarAlso Contains:+$65.00USD  Store Credits+3000 UEC United Earth Credits+3728 REC Rental Equipment Credits+Digital Game Soundtrack+Digital Star Map+Star Citizen Digital Download+85X Poster+Takuetsu 85X Model+2x Omnisky 3Laser Cannon+Ink-Splash 304-IS Shield+Mantis GT-220 Ballistic Gun+SW16BR2 "Sawbuck" Ballistic Repeater+Hollyday Reward 2016 Hangar Decoration+Squadron 42 Digital Download & Digital Squadron 42 ManualWorth:Ships+Hangars 775.00USD + Squadron 42 & manual 44.00USD + Account store credit $65.00USD = 864.00USD (641.00GBP)All the ships could be also melt to get store credits. (550.00BP / $726.00)However they are worth much more with the insurance and equipment they have,than the melt price offers you.And I will give you a deal on this to inspire you even further.I will let it all go for 608.00USD (461.00GBP) with the squadron 42 pack and the $65.00USD existing gift card store credit included, even as I mentioned the actual worth of this whole account is much higher, simply to speed the process. You can go and check the prices of the ships and other items on their RSI website (you will get usually as a standard only six months insurance for the ships) and you will see for your self that this is a great deal. Or make your own offer. This game package is also on another two websites so first come, first serve is a part of this deal. If you have any question please ask in eBay message.Only real interest please. No time wasters please. Thank you.I'm going to revise this and add some more information on credits and spending. So maybe I will stop getting offers like 200.00 pounds or so and help realize the true worth of this account...So, 72.000UEC used, 3.000UEC currently left, 16.400REC used, 3.728 currently left, $788.00 dollars spent, plus $60 left as a store credit and £514.80 pound spent on this account. If you need more UEC and REC, you can always earn more in the game, that's no problem. Feel free to send offers I'm not greedy, but please be realistic, I'm not selling one ship, but the whole account which could be yours with six ships,four hangars including the game pack, squadron 42, extras and $60.00 dollars store credit. Thank You.

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